by Rue, Weller

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adam winne
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adam winne sooo when's the tour???? Favorite track: Long Shot (Weller).
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joshua. honestly, just don't even release a full length because will inevitably drop off the face of the earth Favorite track: Buck (Weller).
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Is it cool, if I leave Will that be alright The pressure is visible and cold I have a long ride at least I think so The same old album list On the bus, the same just feels alright I have a good life in a new place A queen sized bed for once I managed to make it down on my own The faint emotions are retreating The mood swings and the fights Until I click, then the same just feels alright I don't ask you don't tell me I don't ask I don't have to Reading messages you choose to ignore Leaving clothes thrown around on the floor I don't do that I don't do that Up at six just to look at my phone Spending way too much time on my own I don't do that I don't do that Just hold on I can't hear while you speak I'd rather leave and breathe a sigh of relief I can do that (He can do that) I can do that (He can do that) You can do that (You can do that) You should do that
Spitting out lines that make me feel nothing Spending all my money on the cheaper drinks King and queen of boring conversations Begging for something to help me think I can't pierce your mind And I sure waste my time Missing out on the perfect opportunities Wasting all my time thinking heavily About how my relationships struggle And what makes the short grocery list this week I can't pierce your mind And I sure waste my time On those meaningless things Worry harder every week About the same thing I did When i was fifteen (I've gotta go) Don't let your demons ever grow old (I can't pierce your mind, I sure waste my time)
There are people I've met who are close to me There are those i know who used to be And now I've built a strong family Believe me So happy again on the road for weeks Avoiding my vague responsibilities Brushing my teeth with some Poland Spring Believe me Hand on the door Won't give up like you did before And these stupid nights begin with me And end when we pass out close to three I believe in you all like you believe in me Believe me Don't leave me And I love to treat myself to a Hamms And i love starting off with a difficult plan I love to see the water as much as i can Oh I love And I love when a burn turns into a tan And I love finding money in pockets of pants Oh I'd love to see this car turn into a van Oh I'd love to lose all of my plans
How do you get a move on the things you gotta do? You're waking up like you don't give a fuck, you make do or give up on the things that you love but never in your life could trust. I am through being used, I'm not confused I have gotta leave you. I'm waking up like I don't give a fuck, I'll make do or just grow up. I'm sorting out whatever it is I am talking about, at any given time I have given It some thought. How do you?
How could anyone want someone so bad? It hurts like hell. "It's not you," she said, "it's me." but how confusing that must really be. It could be you, but if it was I wouldn't know what to do. Aren't we all looking for someone to hold on to when it's dark outside? We're afraid of dying alone someday, loneliness is something to hide behind. It could be you, but I don't wanna be the one to use. I think you're saying that word to often, I think its awfully terrifying. I'm not calloused love exists It's the air that you're breathing in It's the wind against your face when you feel like you're in the right time and place Finally, so easy. It could be you, howling at some beautiful moon! I think we're on our way, its never too late. She said, "it's never a bad thing to love someone." I am trying to believe that. So don't let your crushes crush you, I think it's the worst thing you could do, give it some time it'll come to you. It could be you.
Things written many moons ago in journals I left exposed made no sense, just jibberish I woke up - alone - in a different bed months later, now I understand To scribe feelings I couldn’t fathom, nor describe why I even had them I understand now, it’s clear to me, things I felt but I couldn’t see, I understand now, I get it I get it I get it--- You wrote it all out in a diary, and on a handful of receipts. You made it a point to cross your “T”s and dot your “I”s Above all else you had to hide--- Sentiments you never said, but you always meant them. How to deal with the lies that we’ll continue to instill in ourselves and those who ask the hard questions like, “what’s new?” It’s been many weeks but I still feel your shadow cast on me like rain clouds pouring down Like the skyscrapers over this town. I hope you’re smiling ‘cause I couldn’t curse the space we share presently, I just have to clean the one that we used to, we used to, we--- I think we met in a past life, it’s good, I guess, ‘cause I already died. I hope you’re smiling ‘cause I couldn’t curse the space we share presently, I just have to clean the one that we used to, we used to, we used to... We used to breathe the same air


Split EP featuring Rue and Weller

Cassettes available at: www.honestfacerecords.com/products/580854-weller-rue-split-pre-order


released October 26, 2016

Weller's Side:
Engineered, Produced and Mixed by Jacob Ewald at The Metal Shop in Philadelphia, PA. Mastered by Matt Cohn.
All songs written and performed by Weller.
Special thanks to Jeremy Berkin for tracking drums, and Emily Dubin for being the best friend we all could ask for.

Rue's Side:
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Matt Very at Very Tight in Pittsburgh, PA.
Rue is Laura Lee Burkhardt, Annajane Lowe, Laura Cramer, Jonathan Lightfoot.

Art by Laura Cramer


all rights reserved



Weller Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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